Welcome! The Reginald Show showcases the beautify of multiculturalism within Canada highlighting countless guests on our video talk show, who have come from a multitude of different cultures,  and contribute to help for the betterment of our nation along with people.


Reginald Argue – Host


Reginald Argue is a retired Canadian Veteran who served almost nine years in the military. In 1988, he went overseas on a UN Peacekeeping Tour of Duty in Iran.  Reginald like many other Canadians put the uniform on and answered the bell in the defense of the nation.  Reginald’s late great-grandfather on his mother’s side of the family was born in Scotland, in the MacLeod of Lewis Clan.

His wife, Lisa, and Reginald have been together for 23 years and they both follow in hand to hand by trying to create a better place for all.

Beginning of 2007 to November 23, 2010,  Reginald was involved with a community run radio station as a talk radio host at Vancouver Co-operative Radio, 102.7 FM, which it is now 100.5 FM.

During this time, Reginald had on high-profile guests from numerous nations.  Just listing a few of these guests such as the former US Senator Mike Gravel, Annie Machon EX MI5 Agent, Harvey Oberfeld retired Investigative Reporter, Theo Fleury, the late US LT Col from the USAF Robert Bowman and much more.  On November 23rd, 2010, Reginald resigned from this radio station due to health reasons.

In April of 2011, Reginald donated a hockey stick to Vancouver Canucks’ organization, which he won in the spring of 1971.  This hockey stick was sign by the original players in 1971.

Reginald stated doing interview in July of 2011 with many great inspiring and interesting individuals such as Michael Burns CEO for Invictus Games Toronto, Brenden Hubbard awards-winning producer and filmmaker at the 2017 Vaughan Film Festival Awards Night, Enrico Colantoni, 2017 Independent Leadership Awards Winner from Vaughan Film Festival, Brian Lilley at the 2017 Federal Conservative Party Leadership Convention at Toronto, Steven Del Duca, MMP Vaughan at the 2017 VFF Spring Launch, Stephen Lecce former Adviser to Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, Vice President External Affairs at ACTRA, Art Hindle and many others.