Alison Weir


If Americans Knew (Alison Weir) and Gemineye (from Conspirituality)


Alison Weir (founder of If Americans Knew dot ORG) & Gemineye (hip-hop group Conspirituality), who were on March 02 2009 radio interview on Monday Brown Bagger, with host Reginald Angus Argue, which was originally broadcast on COOP Radio out of Vancouver Canada (

During the discussion with Alison was around how news is not being fairly reported in the Middle East, in regards to Israelis and Palestinians.

Gemineye talked about Skull and Bones, and how Geronimo’s skull may actually be in the possession of members of Skull and Bones. Gemineye also talked about the death of Princess Diana, and how hidden societies of our past are still controlling us behind the shadows this present day.





Click here to listen to interview with
Alison Weir and Gemineye (from Conspirituality

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