Brian Lilley

Brian Lilley, radio host from 580 CFRA-AM out of Ottawa, formerly from Sun News Network, co-founder of Rebel Media, and a weekly column for Sun Media newspapers, at the Federal Conservative Party Leadership Convention, chatting with Reginald Show.

During the conversation Brian Lilley talked about:

-the Federal Canadian National debt and how if we stay on the path we are on, with no more deficit spending, there will not be a balanced budget until 2050.
-how infrastructure programs by the Trudeau Government are social or green programs and not aimed at roads, bridges, seaway, airports etc.
-how the mining industry in Northern Ontario is not properly capitalized in the Province of Ontario
-how much of the deposits of Natural Resources in the Ring of Fire in Northern Ontario are on First Nation or Crown lands. And by developing these resources it would put large numbers of First Nations to work and out of a life of poverty
-how the New Veterans Charter needs to be tweaked, and return lifetime pensions back to Younger Veterans
–how the new leader of the Federal Conservative Party should unite all groups and people within the Federal Conservative Party
_Plus much more

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