Bringing Back The Game

Todd Keirstead Professional Golf player for over 20-years and founder of Golf with Attitude, along with Paralympian Paul “Rosey” Rosen at the 2017 Abilities Expo in Toronto. Both Todd Keirstead & Paul Rosen sharing with Reginald’s Show about Bring Back The Game Golf.

During the conversation, Todd Keirstead talked about how he has been a professional golf player for 20-years, he has appeared on TSN, Golf Network, ESPN, TMZ and so many other media outlet, showing his different trick shots. In addition, he talked about Bringing Back The Game Golf, and how anyone no matter what their health or abilities are, they can play golf. Plus he shared much more.

Todd Keirstead is also the Golf Sports Competition Supervisor for Invictus Games. He is also the founder of Bring Back the Game Golf.

Paul “Rosey” Rosen, tragically lost his right leg in 1999. And during the conversation, he shared about the 3 Paralympics he competed in as goalie for the National Canadian Sledge hockey Team. At the 2006 Paralympic Games in Torino, Rosen and the Canadian team won the sledge hockey gold medal. Paul is now retired from competitive sports, involved with Todd Keirstead in Bringing Back the Game Golf. He is also a sports announcer for CBC Sports, a motivational speaker, hosts “The Rosen Report”, plus so much more.

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