Cecil Hershler

Cecil Hershler, who is a truly inspirational hero & also the co-founder/director of Education Without Borders Canada, at the 2017 Toronto South African Film Festival, chatting with the Reginald Show.

Cecil and Ruth prior to emigrating to Canada from South Africa in 74, worked with other Grad Students in Townships to provide tutoring and mentorship to some of the youth, where they witnessed firsthand the hopeless overcrowding of classrooms, the impoverished living conditions, along with an extremely high school drop out rate, plus much more.

During the conversation, Cecil Hershier shared:

-briefly about some of the struggles that his wife Ruth and him went through, growing up in South Africa being Grad students and witnessing the inequalities back in the 70s in the South African society/education system.

-how Ruth and him immigrated to Canada in 74, and throughout the years, they never forgot their time providing tutoring and mentorship in a Township in South Africa. From this, Ruth and Cecil were inspired to founded Education Without Borders Canada, which helps provide tutoring and mentorship to youth in the Townships in South Africa, along with Indigenous children and their communities in British Columbia.

-Toronto & Vancouver South African Film Festivals are charities that help solely to raise funds for Education Without Borders Canada.

-Plus so much more

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