Celebrity Chef Mike Ward

Celebrity Chef Mike Ward, who is from Down Under, is a producer, author, director, chef and so much more, with his TV Productions appearing in over 120 Nations at the 2016 Gentlemen’s Expo, chatting with Reginald Show.

Chef Mike Ward shared about how he started cooking and being a chef for ten years after graduating from school. During this time, Chef Mike Ward cooked for Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, and the list goes on.

After the above mention time, Mike started to focus his attention on Writing, Producing, & directing TV Productions. In the past, Mike directed two series for Mike Holmes, plus a show with the late Alan Thicke & others.

Mike was also the former Editor and Chief for Canada Living Magazine. Furthermore, Mike writes for the Toronto Star, 24 Hours, and other publications. He has over 4 million viewers on his Youtube channel,

Also, Mike has returned to being a Chef, combining his love of food and cooking with his knowledge of TV Productions.

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