Chef Ted Reader

Chef Ted Reader, former Executive Chef at President Choice, the Barbeque King, and author of several cooking books, at the 2016 Gentlemen’s Expo chatting with Reginald Show.

During the conversation, Chef Ted Reader shared how he teaches Product innovation at Canadian Food & Wine Institute at Niagara College. Chef Ted Reader also, talked about his line of barbeque sauces.

Chef Ted Reader, talked about how his mother, Grandmother & Grandfather have been his biggest supporters; while, he gained his inspiration for cooking from his Grandfather and his Dad.

Furthermore, Chef Ted Reader talked about his old converted fire truck, which he calls Optimus Prime. This vehicle has refrigeration unit on it that can hold up to eight kegs of beer, eight feet worth of gas grills, eight-foot long hardwood smoke barrel, upper party deck, amazing sound system, flat screen tv, retractable awnings. Plus so much more was shared.

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