Cindy Sheehan

 Cindy Sheehan Sept 2008 radio interview


Radio show from Sept 29th, 2008, with guest Cindy Sheehan is an Anti-war Activist, whose son, Casey was killed in the Iraqi war on April 4, 2004, along with radio host Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod).

Cindy is also a radio host of her own radio show Cindy Sheehan’s Soap Box out of Sans Francisco California. In Aug of 2005, Cindy and others bravely set up a camp and protested just outside of President GW Bush’s Crawford ranch in Texas, where she gained support and critics. On July 23, just after Bush had given Scooter Libby a slap on the back of his hand for his crimes; Cindy announced her candidacy against Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, who is the speaker of the House.

-Private lobbyists have flipped the bill for Republican and the Democrats Conventions. And what steps should be taken to clean up the back door old boy’s network and give the power back to the people.

-Major Weapon producers, financial banking corporations, and communication companies, who have provided financial backing to Nancy Pelosi campaign in the past

-Over 300,000 US Vets from the Iraqi with PTSD and head injuries. While, at the same time, there have been recorded numbers of US Vets committing suicide. There has also been subpar medical care, as seen by the horrendous conditions of the Walter Reed Hospital last year, and the list goes on.


Click here to listen to radio interview with Cindy Sheehan

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