David Orchard

David Orchard, Canadian political, activist, and author


Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod) Aug 29th, 2007 interview that he had with his guest David Orchard, who is a Canadian political activist and author.

During the interview, the discussion was on how the Afghanistan War is an American War, and this War in Afghanistan is illegal. Because under the definition of International Law, only if a nation is under direct attack or is defending its self is it allowed to go to war. Yet both of these points have not been net in this war. Also, as seen under, the Nuremberg Trail, when Nazi officials attempted to use the excuse they were only following orders, this defense was not accepted at that time, as all of these officials were found guilty. So in keeping with past decisions at Nuremberg trials, these same types of excuses should not be acceptable in our day and time.

The discussion was about Splitting The Sky’s arrest in Calgary, just after he had attempted to do a citizen arrest of the War Criminal GW Bush.


Click here to listen to David Orchard’s radio interview

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