Dr. True Ott


Dynamic Health radio show with guest Dr. True Ott


Oct 29th, 2009, Dynamic Health radio show with guest Dr. True Ott, and host Reginald Angus Argue, co-host Wayne Prante, Molly Reach.

Few points covered in this interview:

-President Obama’s daughters did get H1N1 shots as supplies increase CNN Oct 27th, 2009.

-Childhood Vaccines and their ingredients and what the long-term effects are.

-Countries where over 50% of the populous do not want the Swine Flu Vaccination shot

-numbers of death because of H1N1 Flu drastically lower than death caused by the ordinary flu each year.

-What are the risks associated with Swine Flu (H1N1) Vaccine?

-1974 Henry Kissinger memo tied into Small Poxes, into Aids in Africa and the USA.

-How does the experimental vaccine that ties into Kissinger affect Native America females and Afro-American female


Click here to listen to radio interview with Dr. True Ott


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