Fakhteh Zamani

Fakhteh Zamani & Pastor James David Manning


15th of June 2009, Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod) had as guests Fakhteh Zamani & Pastor James David Manning.


Fakhteh Zamani is the President Association for Defence of Azerbaijani Political Prisoners in Iran (ADAPP) out of Vancouver, Canada. The discussion was around Iran and how the Azerbaijan people have been treated within this nation, and other points surrounding Iran.

Pastor James David Manning, is the chief pastor at ATLAH World Missionary Church out of New York, New York (Harlem) the USA. The discussion was about Pastor Manning’s video Hail Hitler, Hail Obama, and many other points around what is economically affecting the USA and part of Canada.


Click here to listen to radio interview
Fakhteh Zamani & Pastor James David Manning

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