Hannah Moscovitch

Host Reginald Argue sitting down behind the scenes at Tarragon Theatre in Toronto Ontario Canada and talking with prolific Canadian Playwright, nominated in 2009 for the Governor General’s Award, Hannah Moscovitch. Hannah is a writer of such plays as “East Berlin, This Is War and others”.

During the interview, Hannah Moscovitch briefly touched on her upbringing and about her father, who is a Jewish Ukrainian/Romanian and her mother is English/Irish Catholic. She also mentioned how distant members of her family, who lived in Ukraine during WWII were last heard from in 1941.

Hannah Moscovitch traveled to the Golan Heights and spent four months living in a Kibbutz when she was 18 years old.

Hannah Moscovitch went on to talk about two of her plays she wrote, “This Is War” written from the viewpoint of a few Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. Her second play she wrote, “East Berlin” written from the viewpoint of a child, whom father was Nazi War Criminal, which has been described by some as ” part mystery, part story of redemption.” Plus so much more.

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