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Harvey Oberfled’s radio interview


Nov 08th 2010 radio interview with Harvey Oberfled, who is a retired investigative reporter that has worked throughout BC, Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and other areas of Canada; along with host Reginald Angus Argue. This program originally broadcast on COOP Radio community-run radio station out of Vancouver BC Canada. As of 23 Nov 2010, Reginald Angus Argue resigned from CO-OP Radio and is no longer involved with this radio station.

During the interview, the discussion was about:

Harvey confronted former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau back In the early 80s in Parliament Hill in Ottawa Expo 86 and funding for social housing. Harvey tells how Trudeau responded, “he did not really care about it at all.” Harvey went on the air that night on TV and reported about Trudeau’s comments to him. Next day Ian Waddell brought it up in Federal Canadian Parliament in Ottawa; this frustrated and shocked Trudeau. At that time, Trudeau said he was misquoted. Harvey Oberfled confronted Trudeau outside of Parliament and asked what he meant by his words, and Trudeau’s last comment to him was well “Fuddle Duddle” to you.

Harvey talks about how he confronted Premier of BC Gordon Campbell after he had torn up health contracts. Harvey asked Premier Gordon Campbell about the health Contracts he tore up, “are you going to be a Premier or a dictator?”

Talked about cost overruns on Olympic village people of Vancouver on the hook to pay, Convention Center in Vancouver, $500 million for a retractable roof on BC place that cannot be opened or closed when it is raining.

Talked about how the City of Vancouver should do the better placement of individuals in need of socialized housing. Presently only 1/3 being put in housing near the waterfront, where cost is around $600 thousand; rather than placing three times that number of individuals in units that cost in the $200 thousand range located in other areas of the City of Vancouver.

One solution, given to help fund further social housing units everyone working and living in BC Housing get low-cost mortgages roughly 30% of their wages. These mortgages would help to purchase the places, where they are living. The revenue generated off of this could go back into other projects.


BC has highest single parents on welfare, how can we put people back to work and clean up corruption in BC. The Economy in BC needs to be better managed, politicians have nothing to do with the jobs, and it all depends on elements elsewhere.

BC Liberals had super ferries build in Germany rather than the Province of British Columbia. Also talked about how German workers who worked on the ships did not pay taxes in BC, so it was a trickle-down effect of going outside of BC for ferries. By doing this it cost thousands of jobs to BC and possibly billions in revenue in taxes that workers could have paid if the project had have stayed in the Province of British Columbia.

The fast ferries, which were built in the Province of British Columbia in the past under the NDP Provincial Government. They were over budget and one hit a deadhead log on its maiden voyage, also underpowered with a gas engine and should have been diesel. These ferries could have been used on a different route. Provincial Liberals, who replaced the NDP Government in BC could have sold fast ferries off for 90 million dollars at one point; they did not sell them then. They waited until they were rusty hulks and sold them for around $19 million.

Harvey talks about his blog “Keeping it Real” where he continues to inform the people about what is going on; even those he has been retired since 2006. Harvey talked about he is shining a light on the media too, and he has made a lot of enemies.

Harvey talked about how corporate owners of media outlets decided to more with less. This, in turn, was a terrible cost in the quality of reporting and lack of investigative reporting; while TV stations are taking huge sums of money from the Government in advertising.


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