Izu Ojukwu

Izu Ojukwu is director of the “76” shared few words with Reginald Argue at 2016 TIFF in Toronto, Ontario.

During the conversation, Izu Ojukwu talked about his film the “76” more:
-the importance of it to teach others, about a dark part of Nigeria’s history.
-tremendous research he put into this movie,
-how the former leader of Nigeria was shown this film and the words he shared after seeing 76 the movie.
–how the Nigerian military worked with the film project, training actors, who were portraying soldiers on how to act like military personnel, and so much more.

Izu also talked about how the “76” movie is the first African-made movie to be featured at TIFF in Toronto along with BIF in the London Film Festival during the same year.

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