Jake Towne

Jake Towne Private Citizen running for US Congress


On Oct 19th, 2009, Jake Towne a Private United States Citizen, who is running for US Congress in District 15 out of Pennsylvania, came on CO-OP Radio CFRO out of Vancouver BC Canada, via phone, with host Reginald Angus Argue.

During the conversation, we talked about:

-Promises of change made by the Obama Administration appear to be nothing but a false illusion

-How justification for Iraq by GW Bush and others was on faulty evidence. Also how the Iraq and Afghanistan War are illegal.

-How toxic and poisonous that derivatives have been to US and World economy and how in the turn of the 20th Century derivatives were made illegal by the US Federal Government. Only to be once again legalized by Bill Clinton/GW Bush Administrations.

-What the ratifications would be to the US dollar and North American economy if China, Russia, Japan, and United Middle Eastern Countries were to bring in a new world currency.


Click here to listen to radio interview with Jake Towne


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