James Yurichuk

James Yurichuk, number 47 Linebacker playing for the CFL Toronto Argonauts & winner of the 2014 Jake Gaudaur Veterans’ Trophy, at the Huddle UP Bullying Prevention Rally, being interviewed by Reginald Show. The Huddle Up Bullying Prevention Rally was held at Nathan Philips Square on Nov 23rd, 2016, and was part of the 104th Grey Cup Festival held in Toronto.

During the conversation, James Yurichuk was sharing about how important he feels the Huddle Up Bullying Prevention is, plus he was talking about the 2014 Jake Gaudaur Veterans’ Trophy he was awarded by the CFL/Veterans Affairs.

James was also talking about a foundation he has started himself, plus so much more.

James Yurichuk is the creator of Wully Outwear.

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