Jan Michael Looking Wolf

Jan Michael Looking Wolf & Donald Black Fox, along with host Reginald Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod)


Radio show from Feb 08th, 2010, with guests Jan Michael Looking Wolf, a Native American Singer-songwriter and 2009 NAMMY ARTIST OF THE YEAR at the 11th Annual Native American Music Awards. The second guest being Donald Black Fox, who is the CEO of Spirit Wind Records, Donald. The guest host was Reginald Angus Argue.

Both Donald and Jan talk about their Breakin Free Project, which has Jan Michael Looking Wolf and his band traveling to many different Reservations throughout the US. During this tour, Jan Michael Looking Wolf would be talking and singing about drug and alcohol prevention for Native youth.

Jan Michael Looking Wolf also talked about what had inspired him to write a song about addictions, and how he had lost family members to the demons of addiction.

Jan Michael Looking Wolf also talked about a serious illness that he had faced in his life, and how he had been able to recover from it and pull inspiration from it.

Donald Black Fox talked about his many years of being addicted to drugs and alcohol and how he has been sober for over twenty-four years now.

Donald Black Fox talked about other projects that his record company is involved with; in regards to helping raise money for the homeless in the US. Plus these projects help raise for to help battered females get much-needed help.


Click here to listen to radio interview with
Donald Blackfox & Jan Michael Looking Wolf


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