Jason Colero

Jason Colero Director of Education and Community Programs from the Toronto Argonauts from the CFL (Canadian Football League), chatting with Reginald Argue.

During the conversation, Jason Colero talked about:
-the “Huddle Up” Program that he helped create, which is a bully prevention program. So far, it has reached 500,000 students in the GTA area.
-how he has been a part of the Argos over 31 years now, starting in 1985 as a ball boy/locker room attendant.
-a few past Toronto Argos players, who left a massive positive difference.
-a program called “Level The Playing Field”, where the Argos with the help of sponsors has donated close to 400,000 dollars to 11 schools in Toronto “to provide subsidies for athletic therapists and helmet certification”.
-plus so much more.

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