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Jason Pacifico  Reform Party


Dec 21th, 2009, Jason Pacifico, 2004 Reform Party Candidate for US President, and is a New York Businessman, and radio host Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod).

Few points covered in this interview:

-60 million homeless in the US by end of 2011

-14 million foreclosure in the US by end of 2011

-9-10 members of the Trilateral Commission working in the Obama’s Administration

-how the derivatives tie into Bush Sr, Bill Clinton, GW Bush and Obama’s administration.

-11.5 trillion US taxable assets being hidden in offshore accounts in 55,000 accounts or greater,with one of the banks being UBS Switzerland (6798 Canadians have recently come forward to declare 1.6 billion in undeclared taxable assets that were being hidden in this bank) (Obama only recovered about 4500 accounts of these 55,000 accounts about 50 to 60 billion dollars)

-Debit Card trap and how much has this cost all 50 States’ coffers

-the Rolling Stone article called “Obama’s Big Sellout” by Matt Taibbi.

-What Jason’s platform that he was running on in 2004, and how it would have created 20 to 30 million new jobs, while under GW Bush Administration had cost US 10 million Jobs

Talked about the trilateral commission and why it was formed, and who was behind forming this organization


Click here to listen to radio interview
Jason Pacifico

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