Jose Paulino

Jose Paulino, author of such novels as author of such books as “The Fraud of Fraud”, “The Conspiracy Theory Fraud” and many other books


May 24th, 2010 radio interview with Jose Paulino, along with radio host Reginald Angus Argue.

As of 23 Nov 2010, Reginald Angus Argue resigned from CO-OP Radio and is no longer involved with this radio station.

Jose Paulino is an author of such books as: “The Fraud of Fraud”, “The Conspiracy Theory Fraud”, “The Fraud of Money and Banking”, “Slaves by Law: The Fraud of the legal System”, and many other books.

During the interview with Jose Paulino conversation was around:

-Put a money system in place based on gold, silver, and other commodities

-the real truth behind banking and fictional reserve banking

-The Big Whig Fraud (White House Iraq Group) set up by Bush Admin in 2002, (put together by White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card and Karl Rover)

-Power of TV Images only a few hours after 911 CNN and other news outlets showing images of celebrating people in Palestine and no one on record to state they were indeed celebrating the attacks

-5 Israelis detained on Sept 11th, 2001, and how many US Government officials in regards to some of these gentlemen may possibly be involved with Israel intelligence.

-About the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Click here to listen to radio interview with Jose Paulino

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