Kim Roberts & Choclair

Kim Roberts who has appeared/starred in over 100 films/TV shows along with Canadian Hip Hop Pioneer Choclair, at the 2017 Vaughan International Film Festival Awards Night, chatting with Reginald Show.

Kim Roberts was sharing about the amazing selection and quality of films she viewed as a panelist for VFF 2017.

Kim also talked about her upcoming TV Show The Handmaid’s Tale that is going to be released thru Bravo Canada/Hulu; plus, she talked about how important Vaughan International Film Festival is to the young filmmakers & so much more.

Choclair talked about Cut Hip Hop Awards Night, where he was the host of and how important it is to support young artists. Choclair also shared about his latest CD, some touring; plus he shared how important VFF 2017 is to the young filmmakers.

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