Lyn Davignon

Lyn Davignon leader of National Non-Profit Party


July 05th 2010 guest Lyn Davignon leader of National Non-Profit Party ( & ) and Kevin Annett, along with host Reginald Angus Argue.

Had technical equipment problems at the beginning of the show, and youtube “G20: WE ASKED THEM FOR MERCY… THEY LAUGHED AT US” was played.

During the show the conversation was about:

-Public Works Protection Act, which was originally passed in 1939 in Ontario; later revised in 1990 and used by Ontario Government during G20 in Toronto.

-Protest at G20 and how two protesters dressed in all black, wearing handkerchiefs and police issued boots had originally attacked the police cruiser, which later incited others in the crowd to continue which later resulted in this unmanned police cruiser being set on fire.

-How members of the I.P.F police had stalked Lyn and then prevented Lyn from having a conference at a Toronto hotel that he had booked the space one & ½ months prior to the G20, by threatening staff in the hotel that they (the I.P.F) would shut the hotel down and order all 22 floors to be emptied of guests.

-How Canadian system has failed the people of Canada, allowing Governor General, Lieutenant Governor and remaining part of the British Empire under the British Monarchy still have control over the Canadian people, as our politicians have turned into nothing more than mouthpieces for big corporations, big banks, and are doing actions that are overtaxing the people and appear to be dismantling so many of ordinary Canadians rights and freedoms.

-Many other points were discussed, as we call for the Republic of Canada and declare a declaration of Independence from the British Empire.


Click here to listen to radio interview with
Lyn Davignon

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