Marty Syjuco

Marty Syjuco Producer of Almost Sunrise at 2016 Reelworld Film Festival, being interviewed by Reginald Show. This interview is to try and gain a little understanding of this darkness.

“Almost Sunrise” documentary follows two US-Iraqi Combat Veterans, Tom Voss & Anthony Anderson as they do a 2700 mile walk across the US. During this trek, it shows the effects that Morale Injuries/depression and other injuries had on these two Veterans, plus their family members & friends who are around them. As slowly during their journey, it helps to bring them some healing.

Tragically in the US, there are up to 22 Military Veterans committing suicide a day.

To everyone that would like to watch Almost Sunrise, please contact their website and see if you can set up a viewing of this documentary in your home or community.

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