Mike Trauner

Mike Trauner (Megatron), Retired Master Cpl Canadian Military Veteran, along with being a member of Team Canada Invictus Games, chatting with The Reginald Show at the 2017 Invictus Games.

Mike Trauner also won two gold medals in the indoor rowing during the IG 2017. Mike is truly an inspirational individual, who when faced with tremendous odds against him, he keeps going, which has inspired so many others.

During the conversation, Mike Trauner shared:

-how he served in Afghanistan and did a UN Peacekeeping Tour of Duty to Bosnia, during his military service

-He also talked about the day when he tragically lost both of his legs in Afghanistan to an IED.

-some of the complications he has gone through, since losing his legs

-what Invictus Games means to him and so much more

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