Mudmen Band

Robby & Sandy Campbell, founders, and the member of the Celtic Rock band “Mudmen”, which combines Scottish bagpipes with rock & roll, at the 2016 Grey Cup Festival, chatting with Reginald Show.

Robby & Sandy were one of the amazing entertainers at the Atlantic Schooners venue at the 2016 Grey Cup Festival. “Mudmen” have become regulars with the East Coast Atlantic Schooners over the years, with the 2016 Grey Cup Festival being their sixth year they have performed during this Grey Cup Party.

During the conversation, Robby & Sandy talked about how they met Pinball Clemons at the Grey Cup Fest in Winnipeg. How Pinball and they were able to share stories about different individuals that they all knew. They also shared how important that Pinball is to promoting and celebrating the CFL, plus so much more.

Rob & Sandy also talked about their involvement with NHL, Wayne Gretzky, Don Cherry, Ron MacLean, Bobby Ore, Tie Domi, and so many others. Also, in 2008, Robby & Sandy were CBC Hockey Night In Canada Theme Song Pipers and so much more.

Robby & Sandy are working on an upcoming documentary, plus a book, updates on this will be available on their website.

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