Orville and Ruth Lee

On Feb 02, 2012, Orville and Ruth Lee founders of the Pathfinder Youth Centre Society sat down with Reginald Angus Argue to share a few of their thoughts.

During the conversation, Orville (Rookie of the year in the CFL Canadian Football League in 1988) and his wife Ruth, talked about their many different programs that help out the at risk youth in the Surrey/Maple Ridge area of British Columbia Canada.

-Orville also talked about their mentor program, which needs up to a 1000 people to donate 2 dollars a month/24 dollars a year to help fund it. With all of the funds raised going directly into the running of this program.

-60 to 90 youth going through the Pathfinder programs a year, with up to 100 youth on a waiting list for each program that they offer.

-Orville and Ruth also talked about success stories of past youth, who have gone on to make amazing contributions to society. And much more.

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