Parvin Ashofri

23rd of March, 2008, guests Parvin Ashofri & Jiyar Gol


March 23, 2008, radio interview with guests Parvin Ashofri, who is an Iranian activist that lives in Vancouver Canada; the second was Jiyar Gol independent Kurdish filmmaker, who now lives in Britain. The host of this radio show Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod).

-Parvin Ashofri an activist, who lives in Vancouver BC and is originally from Iran talks about the conditions in this nation, and how changes in Iran needs to come from the people. Parvin also talked about political change by the use of Revolution and an establishment of a new political system within Iran.

-Jiyar Gol a local filmmaker, who comes from Kurdishstan, talks about Iranian history and the Kurdish people. As Jiyar looks as change coming from within by the use of Reform and a greater amount of power being given to the people.


Click here to listen to radio interview


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