Paul Hellyer

Originally copyrighted & published Jan 2015, revised Dec 2016

In December of 2015, the Former Canadian Minister of National Defence, Paul Hellyer sat down and chatted with host Reginald Argue.

Paul Hellyer talked about how the International Banking from Switzerland took over the Canada Bank without the approval or knowledge from the ruling Federal Liberal party in Canada, in 1974. Since 1974 until this very day, the Federal Canadian Government no longer borrows interest-free loans from the Bank of Canada. Also, Paul Hellyer also shared that the banks have no reserves left.

Paul Hellyer talked about how the Federal Canadian Government since 1974, has paid out over 1.5 trillion, just on interest on the debt that it should not have been. Reason being, if Canada were still borrowing interest-free loans from the Bank of Canada, this national debt would not exist. Just think about how this 1.5 trillion spent could have been used to help repair the crumbling infrastructure (roads, bridges, public transportation, upgrade ageing power grid, and so on Canada-wide). These extra funds could have also been used on social programs, lower cost for higher education, Health/Senior Care and much more.

Furthermore, Paul Hellyer also shared about his new book The Money Mafia; A World in Crisis. Paul discussed how we as a society should be moving towards new energy forms, which are cleaner, and could be mass produced.

Furthermore, the discussion was about how Norway, which is only putting out 1.3 million barrels a day in oil and has a surplus of 909 billion dollars. The Norwegian surplus is over 1.5 trillion dollars ahead of the nation of Canada which is over 600 billion in debt. Even those the Province of Alberta is putting out over 2.3 million barrels a day and has a debt of over 10 billion dollars. Plus, so much more was covered during the interview.

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