Paul Topete


Paul Topete leader singer from Poker Face


On Nov 30th, 2009, guest Paul Topete, who is the lead singer for the protest rock band called âPoker Faceâ ( ), along with radio host Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod).

This was originally broadcasted on COOP Radio (CFRO ) out of Vancouver Canada on the radio show called Monday Brown Bagger, which is heard every Monday from Noon to 1 PM PST.

During the show, Paul talked about what inspired them to write their song âIâd Rather Die (than be your slave).

Paul also talked about his freelance articles that he writes for American Free Press

What had been one of the real reasons behind the slaughters at the Branch Davidian at Waco, and Ruby Ridge

How over 170 Million have been killed worldwide because of Gun Control

For some unknown reason our phone connection with Paul was cut, just when we were talking about Gun Control and we had to go to a break and call Paul back again



Click here to listen to interview with
Paul Topete lead singer of Poker Face

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