Phil Badanai

Phil Badanai retired Canadian Military Veteran, who was a member of the Team Canada Invictus Games, along with being the flag bearer for the 2017 Opening Ceremonies, during IG, chatting with The Reginald Show.

During the conversation, Phil Badanai talked about his first UN Peacekeeping Tour of Duty he did over in Croatia, in 1994. Phil shared about how on New Year’s Eve 1994, as he was driving along in Croatia, members of the Serbian Militia Forces ambushed his Iltis. Tragically, Phil was hit with two bullets to his back, and his passenger John Tescione was hit 7 times with bullets. Phil shared how there were 54 bullets holes in the back of the Iltis, with both back tires shot out.

Phil also talked about how there should be one standard for all Veterans, and every one of us, whether we come from WWII/Korea War, Cold War, Peacekeeping, Afghanistan War or any other areas, we must all be treated the same, in regards to the Veterans Charter.

Furthermore, Phil shared what the Invictus Games meets to me, plus so much more.

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