Que Rock

Que Rock (Quentin Commanda), First Nations Dancer, B-boy, Artist, Gallery Owner & Hip Hop performer, who was a member of the Rhythm of The Nation at the 2017 Redpath Waterfront Festival, chatting with Reginald Show.Que Rock was sharing about his cultural First Nations roots, the importance of the Grass Dancing, plus the hereditary roots of his parents too.

Furthermore, Que Rock talked about his artwork that he has been influenced by his traveling all over the world. He also shared how “Pop Master Fable” from the Legendary Rock Steady Crew from the Bronx in New York would say “Make the letters dance.” Que Rock loves to make the Woodlands dance, under a style that had been developed by another First Nations Artist, the late Norval Morrisseau, who was also known as “Picasso of the North”. The style is called Woodlands Style.

Que Rock’s Gallery is at 222 Spadina Ave Unit 232-A Toronto, Ontario
His Facebook his Gallery is https://www.facebook.com/qrockfordgallery/

Que Rock shared much more too.

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