Reginald’s Poetry from 90’s

Selections of Old Poetry

Written by Reginald Angus Argue


Momma Won’t You Slow on Down | Angel in my eyes | O WHY O WHY | Freedom One Day | The Mark We Leave | The Trench | Memories of a soldier | Don’t Judge Me | Revolution No More | Creatures of God | Live | No Longer Her Child | Gone But Not forgotten |


Momma won’t you slow on down

Momma won’t you slow on down
Momma won’t you slow on down
I see your spirit flowing across the sky
With stylish grace, it stays up high
As it freely flows through the breeze
So momma won’t you slow on down
For there you lay within your bed
With pictures of your past flowing in front of you
And yet never once did I see you cry
So momma won’t you slow on down
For you have taught me right from wrong
You held my hand when I was afraid
You made me walk when I wanted to run
And never once did you leave my side
So momma won’t you slow on down
For now, you are about to depart this earthly place
As you head home to a far better place
So momma won’t you slow on down
For your wings are waiting for you
In a place that seems so far away
For no longer will you have to suffer
So momma won’t you slow on down
I know now you will never leave my side
You will be there when I close my eyes
Then I will see your smiling face, in front of me
And all at once I will feel the gentle touch, of an angel’s wing
So momma won’t you slow on down
For until I am called on home
You will be my angel in the sky
The one who I will always remember
As I try never to forget what you have taught me

cc November 2001


Angel In My Eyes

Sent down in our midst not too long ago
I can remember wiping tears from your eyes
It seemed like you just learned how to ride your bike
Now looking at your picture, I do not know why you were taken from me
I can still remember the pain that grew in your eyes each day
I felt helpless, not knowing, what to do or say
So now I sit in a room of darkness
Sometimes I swear that I can still smell your fragrance of perfume in the air
As in my mind, I hear the back door opening and closing
Although, I then sadly realize you are gone away
Now no one can take the pain out of my soul
As my blood does run ice-cold
Sadly my angel has been torn from my life
So my tears do quell up, as the pain does constantly bubble up from inside
As I want my sweet angel to be there one more time
So I can say how much I loved you
And how you were the angel in my eyes
cc 1999


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O Why O Why

The banging from the weapons echoed in the valley
The smell of gunpowder consumed the air
People were dying all around
Crying could be heard from everywhere
Looking down I see a man
Looking closer, I see that it was I
O why, O why did I have to die?
For this war made no sense in our minds or in our souls
Disputes between leaders were its cause
Now, I lay on the ground
Too young I am to lose my life
All the experiences that I have had have been too few
O why, O why did I have to die?
For no mark, I have left on this earth
Dying in this war so far from home
My life has now finished
And no longer will I be able to see my home
Or smell the flowers that grow in the fields
Now my unborn children will cry themselves to sleep
And lost loves will now be with a stranger
For never will I be able to hear the sweet breathe of the ones I love
Or feel the soft touch of a kiss
So no longer will the sound of the ocean be able to echo in my ears
Or will my eyes be full of the beauty that comes from the world
But I wonder if we have learned anything from this war?
Or does another innocent person have to die so far from home
In a needless fight
From a cause that makes no sense
CC 1999

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Freedom One Day

As we stood in the line that cold October morning so long ago
Against an enemy, who was so strong
Smoke filled the air
And crying could be heard all around
No one dared move a muscle
For fearing the Red Coats would have their way
One by one we fell with another talking our place
With the tremendous desire to overthrow the tyrant, who had ruled us for too long
We raised our weapons and fired them at our foe, who disappeared and reappeared
Through the musket haze
Over the weapons, one could hear yelling coming from our lines
Up and down people were saying
“You can chain us up
And even defeat us now
But there is one thing you can be sure of
That sooner or later you will be removed from this place
A place with endless fields of green
And fences made of stone
And on that day people will hear us yell
Ireland is free at last
CC 1999


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The Mark We Leave

The wind of time whirls by, as it flashes in front of my face.
unfolding the past, present, and future to my mind.
Showing my destiny that has already come, and what is yet to come forth.
Although, never does the wind stop,
allowing me to revel in my victories or anguish in my defeats.
For I am here, for only a small ripple in the spectrum of time.
While I am here, it is up to me to show the world that I have been here.
CC 1999


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The Trench

Glancing at the trench, we have dug
Bloody colors do come bubbling up from it
Where the earth was once a field
Now it is all a giant mess
Trenches and barbwire are everywhere
So no longer do the flowers grow
Or the bees roam freely across the land
For the only thing that grows here now
Are the puddles of blood, which are everywhere
Once there were many of us
Now our numbers have been cut in half
So now we must use the bodies of our fallen friends
To protect us from the flying debris
How lucky our fallen friends have been
For no longer do they have to fight with the rats for their meals
And no longer do they have to suffer
As the constant pounding of weapons fills the air
When darkness sets in each night, we pray an invisible piece of metal
Or a bullet from an unseen sniper does not take us before the next break of dawn
So now I sit and write this poem
As I hope this nightmare will soon cease
And we are taken back to our homes, never more to fight
cc 1999


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Memories Of A Soldier

Shall we remember
The young and old men, who fought for our country
Shall we remember
The look in their eyes and the fight in their veins
Knowing that some of them would not be coming back home.
Shall we remember
Where they came from, far and wide
From coast to coast, fighting under one flag, one country and one belief
Shall we remember
The ones who fell
For never again will they be able to feel the touch of a child,
Or enjoy the scent of a summer day
Or feel the cold winter wind biting at their faces
For they have given the ultimate sacrifice
So shall we remember
These men who have given their lives, so we do not have to
CC 1999


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Don’t Judge Me

Don’t judge me on the color of my skin
Don’t judge me on the clothes I wear
Don’t judge me on the thoughts I have
For you never know what lies inside of the package that stands in front of you
No one knows anyone else fullest potential
Which lies inside of others minds
So good or bad I have lived my life
With each day sliding on by
Today and yesterday have come and gone
Although I know tomorrow will be another day
More full of promise than ever before
cc 1999


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Revolution No More

People don’t want revolution anymore
Only the color of green do they see
No longer do they want the color of red covering their hands
So people don’t want revolution anymore
Sitting back and taking what they have to take
Selling their souls to stay alive
As the world has changed right before our eyes
Leaving us behind without a care
John Lennon would surely cry in his grave
If he knew what is going in our times
For as the high get higher, the low get lower
Stuck in our lives we do not know the other side of the coin
Watching the power from afar, it does corrupt everyone that it touches
Changing them in many ways
So people do not want revolutions anymore
For after any revolution it always goes back to the norm
With only new leaders installed at the top
And the needless spilling of innocent blood
CC 1999


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Creatures Of God

Who will talk to the raven?
As he flies alone in the sky
Why does the eagle no longer allow us to see through his eyes?
As he soars so high in amongst the clouds
Why does the beaver no longer tell the truth?
Only answering in riddles to the questions that we ask him
Who will protect the bears?
As men with weapons invade his land every year
So, are we willing to reconnect ourselves to the creatures of God?
Or are we on a one-way path
With no way off but a disastrous end
cc 1999

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Looking back, as my life flashes in front of my eyes
I realize that things change as each year goes on by
Things seem to be bleaker with each day passing by
But, I say be thankful for each day as it passes
Be thankful for each moment of joy
Live each day as if it was your last
To its fullest until it has passed
In the end, you can say that you have lived your life your way
To its fullest, you have lived
Knowing that you have no more to give
CC 1999

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No Longer Her Child

Sadness did come the day; I was no longer her child
No longer will I be recognizable in her eyes
No longer will she remember me, as the little child, who she once held in her arms
Or will she be able to remember me as the little girl, who had skinned her knees
As she was teaching me how to ride my bike for the first time
Or will she be able to remember me as the little lady, who brought home straight A’s on my report card
Also never again will she remember the first time she taught me how to drive a car
Or how breathtaking I appeared in my wedding gown on my wedding day
But most importantly, never will she be able to remember the day my first child was born
And how she bragged to everyone, she knew on the phone
So now she will not be there when my children grow up
For her mind has left, leaving the shell of a body behind

cc 1999


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Gone But Not Forgotten

Sleep little angels in your beds, as you are resting
Such proud and tall people, you all once were
Gently you are all tucked in, with a blanket covering all of you
As your eyes and ears are turned up towards heaven above
No longer do you suffer from the sorrows inside your souls
So sleep little angels in your beds
With peaceful thoughts in your heads
Alone you all will no longer be
Eternal peace you all are now enjoying
Never again will you watch your people being slaughtered like cattle
As you all were standing by, there was nothing you could do
Just because you were different from the settlers
So sleep little angels in your beds
So long ago you left this place
Way before my grandfather’s date of birth
Sadly, your race is gone from the earth
Too early you were torn from this place
Only allowing people to learn a little about your culture and way of life
But never will we forget about the Beothucks
For if we forget about them, sooner or later it will happen again
And at that time people will cry and shout out loud
“Why did no one stop this slaughter before it began.”
CC 1999

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