From a young age, Reginald used his creative side of writing to express his emotions and thoughts, through different short stories/play ideas, when he was a child.  Then throughout the following decades, Reginald has written countless poems, a few articles, lyrics for songs, plus fictional novels.  Over this time-period, Reginald has pulled from his life experience, which came from his time he served within the Canadian Military, his old talk radio shows he hosted for almost four-years, along with his video interview, he did with countless genuinely inspirational guests.  And through it all, Reginald has learned to highlight, plus show a side of our world, which many others may overlook.  For, in keeping with the poem, Reginald wrote in the late 90s, which he called “The Mark We Leave.”  The last line of this poem goes “While I am here, it is up to me to show the world that I have been here.”

Below are a few links to Reginald’s poems he wrote back in the late 90s, along with a few of his newer one that was written in 2018.  Furthermore, below is a link to a short piece Reginald wrote, which he felt to inspire after having media passes to the 2017 Invictus Games, and how other Military Veterans, including himself, took from this amazing event.


Selection of a few older poetry that Reginald wrote back in the late 90’s


A few new poems from the over 65 that Reginald has written, so in 2018


Invictus Spirit, piece Reginald wrote, which he felt inspired to write just after the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto