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Rudi Richardson’s Radio interview


Radio show from 08th, of Nov 2010 radio interview with guest Rudi Richardson US Military Veteran, who was deported from the US over 30 years after he had been honorably discharged from the US Military; along with radio host Reginald Angus Argue.

This interview originally broadcasted on COOP Radio out of Vancouver BC Canada. As of 23 Nov 2010, Reginald Angus Argue resigned from CO-OP Radio and is no longer involved with this radio station.

During the interview, the discussion was about:

Rudi’s biological father who he never met was an African-American GI, serving in Germany, and his mother was a Jewish German. Rudi was born in 1955; while, his mother, who was a Jewish German, was serving a prison sentence in Munich Germany. Rudi was placed in a foster home in Germany until he was three years old, where he was sexually and physically abused.

There were about ten thousand babies born in Germany after the post-WWII from 1945 to 1955, whose father was African-American GIs and their mothers were German. These babies were called Brown babies, who were either adopted out to American GI families, put in German children homes, sent to Catholic Church and tragically ostracized out of the community.

Rudi’s biological grandfather, who was half Jewish, had been sent to a Concentration camp during WWII, and his mother and siblings had to live in children homes until they were seventeen.

A US GI family later adopted Rudi, and he was taken back to the US. Rudi was not allowed to speak German or learn about his birth mother until years later.

Rudi was only told his biological father’s first name of George by his birth mother years later.

Rudi joined the US military when he was seventeen.

In 1995, a non-profit organization helped Rudi find his biological mother when he was in prison. . Rudi’s biological mother had died four months before Rudi was deported from the US in 2003.

Rudi has nine brothers and sisters, and he has met six of them. Any child fathered by an American GI, whether it be in Vietnam or other nations Department of National Defense and the American military did not take responsibility for the child.

Rudi feels like a man without a home and feels more at home with the homeless. Rudi said US would not take him because he was not a US citizen, and Germany would not accept him because he was of mixed race. This is why he founded a charity to help out homeless in London England.

Rudi promised US Citizenship when he joined the US military at the age of seventeen. Decades after he was discharged from the US military how Rudi felt when he was arrested and deported from the United States in 2003.

Rudi deported because of petty thefts, in California if you do more than one petty theft it builds up with other many other priors and then it becomes a felony. Rudi was stealing to support his crack cocaine addiction; he has now been sober and clean of his drug addiction for four years now.

Rudi was deported for stealing a coffee maker.

Rudi was also interrogated by four German police when he landed in Berlin, where he was threatened that he could be tried again for the same offense that he did in America. Laws changed in the US after Oklahoma bombing, where if anyone spends more than a year incarcerated, they are put on an aggregated felony, which does not even fit the crimes. Then they were deported, with thousands being deported.

Rudi has children, and Grandchildren he has not even seen in years, who are living in the US.

Rudi’s adopted father died of cancer after he was deported, and he was not allowed to go to his funeral or see him when he was dying.

Rudi talked about how he was able to overcome his obstacles in Germany after he arrived, gain his German citizenship. Without being able to speak German and Rudi headed over to England where he founded a non-profit foundation in London to help out the homeless.

Rudi shares inspirational words on how he faced his inner demons of addiction, and past abuse, and how he was able to overcome it. Rudi talked about an author by the name of Morgan Scott Peck. Rudi also shared how many people who have gone through addictions and alcoholism; they have become like the salt of the earth, as the Bible scripture says.


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