Sandra Finely

Sandra Finely & Kevin Annett (Featuring Dan Thompson with theme song)


July 28th, 2008 interview with Sandra Finely (former Sask. Provincial leader of the Green Party), Kevin Annett (, author, director, and producer). Featuring Dan Thompson with the theme song. along with host Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod) on Monday Brown Bagger. This show was originally broadcast on COOP Radio out of Vancouver Canada (CFRO,

Interview starts with pieces off of youtube, which is from a Montreal City Hall Meeting that shows a brave gentleman standing up and further exposing the truth for all of us to see.

Sandra a former leader of the Saskatchewan Provincial Green Party is now facing the possibilities of jail time or fine, all because she refuses to fill out and file her 2006 Federal Canadian Census.

During the interview the discussion went from:

– how Lockheed Martin became involved with developing the software that processed information gathered from the Canadian Census in 2006.

-how the Troop Exchange Agreement that was signed between the Steven Harper (the PM and leader of Canada) and Bush (President of the US) on Feb. 14th, 2008 may affect the sovereignty of Canada.

-what are the points behind the newly released Canada’s Defence Strategy that was recently released on June 19, and how this new Strategy may affect ordinary Canadians rights and liberties

-how the social/economic programs in Canada could be axed or downrated, if the current Federal Canadian Government were to continue on their pathway of massive military overspending and tying themselves into the war machine of the Bush Regime.

-how the Lockheed Martin and the Federal Canadian Government has been able to get into bed with some Canadian Universities, which have been used to help the World’s largest producer of weapons in different projects.

The second guest Kevin Annett, producer of the documentary called Unrepentantâ, which helped expose the horrendous treatment of numerous Aboriginal youth in the Residential School that existed in Canada from 1890’s well up until the 90’s. Kevin was also the host of Hidden From History, which is a radio program that was heard on CO-OP radio.

During the interview the discussion went from:

-talking about the past atrocities that John A MacDonald, (first Federal Leader of Canada just after its Confederation and in power when the Indianans Act and Residential School were sent up where numerous Aboriginal Children were tortured, molested, and killed in) and how Mr. MacDonald is on Canadian money.

– Recently Canadian Government sponsored 101 listed âthings that most define Canadaâ was released. Yet sadly First Nations People were not included in this list. However once there were enough people online pointing out this tragic mistake, the First Nations People were added as 102nd spot on a 101 list.

-From the arrival of Columbus to the Americans up to WWII, the Native American population in the US went from a high of 60 million to a little over 800,000. And with all of this in, anywhere from 150 to 200 million Native Americans have been reported to have been killed. Yet with the soon to be opened holocaust museum in Winnipeg Manitoba, why hasnât the holocaust that has happened to Native Americans not been put on the same platform and taught in the school systems, like all other holocausts that has arisen out of the darkness of humanities past, and also permitted to be a part of this new Canadian museum.

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Sandra Finely & Kevin Annett


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