Shawn Buckley

Shawn Buckley Constitutional lawyer radio interview


May 03rd 2010 radio interview with Shawn Buckley, along with radio host Reginald Angus Argue. Shawn Buckley is a Constitutional lawyer out of Kamloops BC, and he is the Present of the NHPPA (Natural Health Product Protection Association).

During the interview with Shawn Buckley, the conversation was around:

About the NHPPA and the importance of this organization, why it was formed and who are some of the other people involved with this organization?

-How even a minority government could have changed legislative within Bill C 6 if it would have passed into law. And how this Bill could have been used to then directly affect all of us Canadians, without going through the Federal Canadian Parliament, if it had passed into law.

-Also with Bill C-6 if passed it would have allowed Government agents working for Health Canada the right to stand in your yard and look into your windows, without you being able to stop them. And the law of trespass would have become void if this Bill would have become law.

-How Health Canada is trying to outlaw many natural supplements and vitamins,

-a W5 story had shown how big pharma has caused the price of Thalidomide to go from $400 for a month’s supply in 1999 to $3600 a month within six

-How a percentage of the natural herbs and vitamins sold in Canada in health food store would not make it through the regulation set up by Health Care.

And many other points.

Click here to listen to radio interview with Shawn Buckley Constitutional Lawyer

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