Stan Norred

Sept 08th, 2008 Stan Norred


Sept 08th, 2008 guest was the Chairman for the Galveston County Libertarian Party and Texas State Libertarian Executive Committee District 11 Rep. Stan Norred. Stan also writes and contributes his insight and knowledge for numerous online yahoo groups, along with radio host Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod).

During the interview, the discussions were on the below topics:

-Some of the major players behind GW and Clinton, who were also behind Obama and McCain (being far left Stalinists, far right Neo-Cons, Monarchist, Trilateral Commission, and many other groups).

How Ron Paul has been attacked and undermined by people, within his political party, being the Republican Party.

How close that the United States is to becoming a Stalinist Controlled state, where all privately owned land, intellectual creativity, and property would be owned and controlled by the state only. This, in turn, would be a direct violation of the US Constitution.

The agreement that members of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Government of US and China, which sells all mineral rights over to China on all BLM land and possibly even private property in the USA.

Operation Sudden Impact and how it directly affects ordinary Americans in the Inner Cities of the USA.

How a few elitists are going to try and use eminent domain to take away farmer’s land in Texas, along the proposed NAU super highway.

Also talked about how only people with real ID would be permitted to travel on this superhighway, which would cut the USA in half, and would originate from a Western Mexican port that is Chinese owned.

Plus many other points were raised during this interview and to listen just click listen here above.


Click here to listen to radio interview


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