Stephen Lecce

Stephen Lecce Ontario PC MPP candidate for King-Vaughan riding in upcoming 2018 Ontario Provincial Election, along with being former Public Affairs Leader Office of the Prime Minister for Stephen Harper, chatting with Reginald Show at 2017 Vaughan International Film Festival Spring Launch.

During the conversation, Stephen Lecce shared about:

-How his uncle, who is also his Godfather Frank Crudele has been an actor for years involved with Radio-Canada, doing documents, and films in Canada plus the world. And how his uncle instilled in him about the importance of supporting the Canadian Content, along with supporting the Arts in Ontario.

-how creative industries are a big part of the Province Ontario and should be allowed to grow

-how the high cost of hydro in Ontario is seriously affecting everyone in this Province, raising the cost of living out of control. Stephen also shared two seniors he met, who saved for years, paid down their mortgage they were debt free. And yet now these seniors are being forced to sell their house due to their high hydro costs that they cannot afford. Plus so much more.

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