Steve Davis Aug 9th


Steve Davis and Dallas Hills radio interview


August 09th, 2010, radio show with guests Steve Davis and Dallas Hills, along with radio host Reginald Angus Argue.

Steve Davis is a non-profit Private Investigator from the USA, and his late father (Dr. H Clyde Davis) was involved with Windtalker and he hand-delivered orders from Harry Truman.

Dallas Hills was a spokesperson for the BC Refederation Party out of the Province of British Columbia Canada.

During the interview, the discussion was around:

-minerals and resources that may have been possibly illegally taken out of Texada Island and Stuart BC (Northern BC), under the excuse of acquiring rock for public works. All the while gigantic rip rap (boulders) were loaded onto barrages and shipped down to the NW of the US, where they are being refined.

Steve Davis talked about his late father, who prior to his death from a heart attack, gave him evidence of all the mining corruption, which involved members of a US Church out of Salt Lake Utah.

And much more.

Click here to listen to radio interview

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