Steve Davis Oct 25th

Steve Davis radio interview Oct 25th 2010


Oct 25th, 2010 radio interview with guest Steve Davis, along with host Reginald Angus Argue, which was originally broadcast on COOP Radio out of Vancouver BC Canada.

As of 23 Nov 2010, Reginald Angus Argue resigned from CO-OP Radio due to health reasons and is no longer involved with this radio station.

Steve Davis is a retired aeronautical engineer, mineralogists, and runs a non-profit Private investigation company.

Discussion during the interview was about Richard Jones CIA Trust Accounts which began back in November 1960. This fund was set up by late US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson, & Dr. H Clyde Davis Chief Technician Atomic Energy Commission/Geologist for all US Government lands. The Richard Jones’ trust funded by the sale of US National Forests, Bureau of Land Management, Indian Tribe Lands, etc.; and was set up to help pay down the National Debt of the US.

Richard Jones Trust was also a CIA bank account. And in 1985 a trust called Jones Trust was set up, which was used as a way to buy bulk gold and divert funds from the Richard Jones Trust to do this.

Talked about how Former Ambassador Leo Wanta and Steve’s former attorney Paul J Young were involved with the Richard Jones Trust. Also how it tied into Oliver North, and other individuals in the Regan Administration in the 80s in the US

Talked about copies of correspondence between Paul J Young, Steve’s former Attorney and the late leader of the Latter Day Saints Church out of Salt Lake UT USA, which showed discussion about Steve Davis.

Talk about Ambassador Huntsman, who is US Ambassador to China. Ambassador Huntsman used to be Governor of Utah and was appointed by President Obama. How Huntsman tied into an attempt to monopolize the banks in 8 Western States, including Washington State, which was stopped by Steve and his cousin through a federal anti-trust lawsuit. Also how Huntsman’s family history ties into former high-ranking member of the LDS Church David B Haight. In addition, how it ties over to the Mormon Church bank (LDS Bank Zion First National Bank, aka First National, aka First Bank).

Talked about how members of the Mormon Church aka Latter Day Saints were members of the Nazi in Germany in WWII, because of articles of faith to respect “Kings and Queens and rulers of the land”.

Steve talked about how money laundering through the Vatican ties into money laundering through the Mormon Church (aka Latter Day Saints). Since the 1960s both Vatican and Mormon Church working jointly through the Bank of America.


Click here to listen to radio interview Steve Davis Oct 2010


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