Stewart Howe

Stewart Howe from We Are Change LA, and Doug Schapira from Canadian Oathkeepers, along with host Reginald Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod)

Radio show from Oct 26th, 2009 p1, with guests Stewart Howe from We Are Change LA, and Doug Schapira from Canadian Oathkeepers were guests. Reginald Angus Argue hosted this radio show, with special co-hosts of DJBALL We Are Change Vancouver and Patrick Borden Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society. With all of this part of a fundraiser on CO-OP Radio out of Vancouver BC Canada.

During this interview with Stewart Howe, the discussion was around 911, how members of WACLA delivers scientific proof of Treason to members of US Congress. Plus how 911 was tied into the Iraq and Afghanistan war, and much more.

During the interview with Doug Schapira from the Canadian Oathkeepers, the focus was around the points put out by the oath keepers, which asks all Canadians, especially past and present police, and Military to remember that they swore an oath to protect the Canadian people, as a call is heard for severing ties with the Queen and creating the Republic of Canada. Also, with the Olympics coming to Vancouver, now is the time for all Canadians to protect the rights and freedoms of all Canadians, and do not allow a few the right to strip others civil rights and liberties.

Click here to hear the interview

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