Tamara Gordon

Tamara Gordon, a tremendously inspirational young adult, sharing parts of her incredible story with Reginald Show at the 3rd Annual Scholarship Reception night for the Tamara Gordon Foundation.

Tamara tragically suffered a skiing accident when she was in high school, which left her paralyzed from the waist down; yet she never let this stop her from achieving her dreams and aspirations. As Tamara went on to graduate from High School with a 91% average. She then went on to graduate from York University “with a degree, in B.A.S., Spec. Hons. Administrative Studies, (General Management). With the distinction Cum Laude and also recognized as a Member of Dean’s Honour Roll.” From that point, Tamara went on to form a non-profit foundation called “Tamara Gordon Foundation”, where she continues to inspire so many people. Also so far in Tamara’s life, she has been the recipient of over 60 academic scholarships, plus awards. Tamara was also “received a Diamond Jubilee Medal Award from His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales”.

During the conversation, Tamara talked about how Tamara Gordon Foundation has given out Scholarship/Bursaries to countless secondary students throughout the Great Toronto area, who have different forms of disabilities, plus so much more.

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