Wes Pidgeon

Wes Pidgeon, Ryan Foster, and Dan Merchant


March 08th, 2010 guests Wes Pidgeon, along with Ryan Foster and Dan Merchant (both co-founders and co-editors of The Agora Magazine www.theagoranational.ca ) radio interview, by host Reginald Angus Argue.

The conversation was around:

– the article “Who is protecting our children?” which was published in The Agora’s November issue. This article raised numerous questions around the lack of safety for children held within the Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre and how a few powerful politicians and a few local mainstream media personnel have not exposed the information to the public and appeared to have not tried to stop this utter madness.

– the death of (14 years old) Serena Fry, who hung herself two weeks after being raped, while on a pass from the Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre on a Friday night. Journalist Anne Rees tried for more than one year, to gain information on Serena Fry’s death and Serena’s journal through Access to Freedom of Information requests sent to the Province of British Columbia Canada’s Government. However, quoting the article Who is protecting our children from The Agora,” in the end she was unable to secure their release and was flagged as a potential threat to the government through the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act surveillance system.”

-a special committee that had been set up by members of the BC Government, in 1997. Quoting a section from this report, “Victoria’s decision not to release the girl’s medical records. Janet Fry’s appeal to the information and privacy commissioner was launched after the Social Services ministry blocked her original request, saying that even in death the ministry retains custody of the girl.” http://www.leg.bc.ca/cmt/36thParl/foi/hansard/fi0115.htm

-a young teenager, who was in the Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre was being picked up by her pimp each night and how it was reported in a newspaper in the past.

-discussed names of media outlets, and different media personnel who had ignored this story, here in BC Canada. And many other subjects.


Click here to listen to radio interview with Wes Pidgeon, Ryan Foster, and Dan Merchant

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